Video counseling loan for self employed

Now look at credit for self-employed in a short video!

In a short video we show you the situation or problem of many entrepreneurs, artisans, freelancers and small business owners! Many banks are picking on a loan or self-employed loans only the raisins and reject even good and long-standing companies.

Why is it that banks reject loans for the self-employed?

Why is it that banks reject loans for the self-employed?

The reasons why a bank rejects a self-employed loan can have many causes. If we know your personal situation better then we can give you the right recommendations.

At this point we can only guess and give you a few examples based on our experience.

In the foreground for a bank is the credit default probability within one year in the case of a credit decision. In order to determine this loan default probability for a self-employed loan, some values ​​are required about the company and the owner / managing director. This is not a problem for medium-sized and larger companies because these companies are prepared for meaningful business concepts in marketing and controlling.

Corporate concept for small business in corporate finance

Corporate concept for small business in corporate finance

And we know what matters in a bank conversation. Therefore, during the credit counseling for self-employed, we create the important points that a bank wants to see in order to assess a loan default probability as positively as possible. But again and again we see that entrepreneurs with the bad balance sheet or financial statements under their arms and the good ideas in their heads go to the bank. The banker makes a few notes about the company, but does not have a good corporate concept, which he can present to his boss in a positive credit decision. And most of all, when it comes to a loan for self-employed “tips on the button”, banks prefer to refuse funding.

It is different when the bank is presented with a coherent corporate concept with the most important data that a bank wants to see in the case of a self-employed loan! A good corporate concept does not include lengthy novels, but short but “crisp” facts. And that is often difficult for many small businesses. But no problem, there is also a credit counseling for the self-employed, which is promoted by the BAFA with a consulting cost subsidy of 50% to 90%.

Strategy for bank talk in a corporate loan

Strategy for bank talk in a corporate loan

No emotions at the bank discussion for entrepreneurs! The biggest danger for an entrepreneur at a bank meeting is to give the banker the right opinion! Then many entrepreneurs feel better in the short term, but have paved the way for a positive credit decision.

With a good corporate concept, you have a guide, investment plan, planning the source of funds on a loan and can rely on positive facts instead of talking about negative emotions!

In a corporate loan, there are many alternatives to the house bank

In a corporate loan, there are many alternatives to the house bank

What to do if you have managed the bank conversation and the house bank has rejected the loan? In this case, there are two options for small businesses and companies for a loan: Either we look for a new house bank with you or we use alternative credit offers that are now also available for companies, business start-ups, craftsmen and freelancers.

With a new house bank, traders have the advantage that the banker focuses more on the future of the company and the market. How is the company positioned, what strengths or competitive advantages exist in a corporate loan. On the other hand, most bankers in a house bank are more concerned with the past and have long been remembering possible less-than-good times for the company.

And a new house bank is also interested in new customers and also makes more effort to win over a customer. And it also takes into account the proposed state subsidies and loans from KfW Bank or a development bank of the federal states. An old house bank thinks otherwise with a loan for self-employed: It has the enterprise mostly for many years and wants to further “manage” it. In this case, then increasing the current account credit is a worthwhile business for the bank, bank or savings bank. In a credit counseling we recommend the rescheduling of a more expensive current account overdraft for the self-employed.

Alternative loan financing for companies

Alternative loan financing for companies

Entrepreneurs and especially small entrepreneurs have a hard time getting a corporate loan without income and Schufa entry. Most or almost all banks reject their loan applications! In the meantime, even a loan for self-employed people has a lively credit market via credit marketplaces such as crowdfunding or crowdinvesting and personal loans from private individuals.

These forms of financing focus on the project and the opportunities a company can derive from it. But also in this case the reliability of a punctual loan repayment and the achievement of the capital service is in the foreground. Because every lender wants to have his borrowed money back on time!

Remortgage loan for self-employed rejected

A loan debt for self-employed was rejected

A loan debt for self-employed was rejected

The bank often rejects a debt restructuring loan for the self-employed, if currently other loans have not been fully paid off. In this case, the best way to merge existing loans into a new loan is called loan debt. In the case of a loan debt restructuring, the existing liabilities are terminated and rescheduled with a new loan. If you have a low monthly income then you should provide collateral in the form of real estate or assets when applying for a loan. For a loan commitment from the bank, it is beneficial to have a second borrower with a good credit rating.

If all this is not there, then we help with a consultation. For self-employed persons can apply for a guarantee from the Bürgschaftsbank if the collateral is insufficient. Talk to us, we will gladly help you with a debt loan, then you can save money most of the time!

Contents Debt rescheduling Credit for self-employed rejecteda

Contents Debt rescheduling Credit for self-employed rejecteda

  1. A loan debt for self-employed was rejected
  2. The most common reasons why a debt restructuring loan for the self-employed is rejected
  3. Repurposing expensive loans while saving money
  4. Remortgage loan for self-employed

The most common reasons why a debt restructuring loan for the self-employed is rejected

The most common reasons why a debt restructuring loan for the self-employed is rejected

A loan remission for self-employed was rejected, this can have many reasons. Here are the most common reasons:

  • Monthly income too low, not attachable
  • Current account is overdrawn, return debits are available, bookings by collection agencies
  • Negative Schufa entry
  • Employment is temporary, self-employment
  • The age of the borrower

A negative Schufa entry is the most common reason for a credit rejection.

Repurposing expensive loans while saving money

Repurposing expensive loans while saving money

By rescheduling loans, you can save money every month with a loan repayment and low interest rates. With a rescheduling you can additionally increase the loan with a follow-up financing. A credit summary, also called rescheduling, can significantly reduce monthly loan rates. Longer loan periods make the monthly burden more bearable. In a credit summary, you should make sure that this is only done when a loan repayment, the monthly burden is reduced and you still save costs. For some loans, the notice period must be observed, because if a loan is terminated, the notice period should be considered.

Remortgage loan for self-employed

Remortgage loan for self-employed

Is debt restructuring an alternative to a credit rejection? Yes, if the loan application is rejected because of several existing loan agreements. With a rescheduling of several loans in a loan, the borrower benefits from lower monthly loan installments through cheaper interest rates and longer repayment terms. When rescheduling, it is important to specify the exact repurchase amounts, terms and monthly installments. In addition, rescheduling requires the account numbers and bank codes of the loans to be rescheduled. If you also need additional cash, the debt rescheduling amount may be greater than the total of the existing loans.

Loan for self-employed in Berlin

Credit for self-employed in Berlin

Credit for self-employed in Berlin

Here you will find the right loan for self-employed in Berlin . No matter how long you have been self-employed in Berlin. There is a loan for self-employed in Berlin for small and medium-sized companies. There are some loans that are suitable for the self-employed, such as the entrepreneur loan from Intrasavings bank, the SME loan from the investment bank, the working capital loan for current account debt and the start-up loan in Berlin.

In the first 5 years after setting up a business, self-employed persons can apply for a microcredit up to 25,000 euros in Berlin without a house bank and without collateral.

A loan for self-employed in Berlin

A loan for self-employed in Berlin

Credit advice, if banks reject!

  • favorable government loans by Intrasavings bank with indemnity
  • Rescheduling expensive current account credit
  • Order pre-financing and increase warehouse
  • Guarantee of the guarantee bank if the collateral is too low
  • Capital raising for other purposes
  • Consulting cost subsidy 50% to 80%

Similar contributions for a loan for self-employed in Berlin

Similar contributions for a loan for self-employed in Berlin

  • Credit for self-employed in Brandenburg
  • Current account credit for the self-employed
  • Self-employed credit without private credit
  • Credit for self-employed

Table of contents Credit for the self-employed in Berlin

  1. Credit for self-employed in Berlin
  2. Entrepreneur loan for self-employed in Berlin from Intrasavings bank
  3. SME loan for self-employed by Investitionsbank Berlin
  4. Advantages of government loans from Intrasavings bank for the self-employed

Entrepreneur loan for self-employed in Berlin from Intrasavings bank

Entrepreneur loan for self-employed in Berlin from Intrasavings bank

In Berlin, Intrasavings bank offers self-employed persons and craftsmen a business loan with state-subsidized conditions. For investments, Intrasavings bank grants a liability exemption of up to 80 percent. This will facilitate funding for some banks.

The KfW start-up money with particularly favorable conditions is interesting for business start-ups. For investments and resources, Intrasavings bank finances up to € 100,000.

SME loan for self-employed by Investitionsbank Berlin

SME loan for self-employed by Investitionsbank Berlin

Investitionsbank Berlin supports KfW business loans in order to promote the regional economy. In addition, the Investitionsbank Berlin offers cheap loans for the self-employed and craftsmen:

  • State guarantees with low collateral
  • Microcredit for small businesses
  • Loan Fund for Small and Medium Loans for Investments and Resources
  • IBB growth program for SMEs with high financing requirements

There are some requirements that self-employed people have to meet in order to apply for a loan. However, if the collateral is insufficient, the Bürgschaftsbank of the Investitionsbank Berlin offers a guarantee.

Advantages of government loans from Intrasavings bank for the self-employed

Advantages of government loans from Intrasavings bank for the self-employed

For self-employed, a loan from Intrasavings bank is subsidized by favorable lending rates and a release from liability. Intrasavings bank also offers self-employed persons long-term fixed interest rates and grace-free start-up years for loans, which are of particular interest to self-employed investors.

Mini loan and short term loan: worth knowing about these types of loans!

Mini loan and short term loan – all one and the same? A question that seems justified. Because these types of credit are not really common until now. It is also not easy to find clear definitions of these two types of loans. Thus, not infrequently, the microcredit is equated with the mini loan and then somehow mixed with the microcredit. This quickly gives the impression that all of these terms are basically just “old wine” in “new hoses” titled. So what applies to the mini loan applies equally to the short-term loan.

What does short-term credit actually mean? Sure – you get a short-term loan for a “short time”. But how is “short time” defined? 5 days, 15 days, 30 days, 60 days or even longer? Maybe even completely individual? Just as a credit customer just needs it? The fact is, there are simply no really common definitions of these types of loans. Basically, each provider of a mini loan or short term loan sets its own detail definition of the two types of loans. Exactly as needed for the practical implementation of your own business model.

Mini loan and short term credit – the basic understanding

Mini loan and short term credit - the basic understanding

One, however, all have credit in common and this also applies to the mini loan and the short-term loan. Because these loans are loans like everyone else. This means that a financial institution awards a certain amount of binding conditions over a defined term to a borrower. In addition, the legal guidelines from the credit system also apply to a mini loan or short-term loan.

The general differences to traditional credit

The general differences to traditional credit

If you have not dealt with the matter of mini credit and short-term credit until now, you may want to briefly explain the most important differences between these two types of loan compared to conventional installment credit.

Difference characteristic number 1 in the case of mini credit / short-term credit is the fact that the loan must be repaid to the lender after the expiry of the agreed repayment term in an amount plus accrued interest. Whether this happens after 5 days or even after 60 days depends on the mini credit provider.

Difference characteristic number 2 is the fact that with the mini-loans the interest rates are clearly higher in comparison to an on-line credit or also the traditional branch loan. Although some mini loan providers have lately lowered the interest rate on their own loan offer significantly, but the interest rate differential on the individual mini loan offers is still immense.

What are the loan rates for this form of credit?

What are the loan rates for this form of credit?

The effective annual mini-credit interest rates of the loans offered here vary between 7.95% and 13.90% . This means that you would have to repay purely computationally with a borrowing of 100 € and a term of 1 year at 7.95% effective annual interest at the end of the year 107.95 €. However, as short-term loans and loans with terms of less than one year are involved, interest costs are even lower. In plain language, the factor “interest costs” in a mini loan and short-term credit actually hardly matters. Even if this is not a small number of so-called experts in the credit market looks very different. The fact is that a realistic estimate of the interest cost of a short-term loan looks like this:

  • Mini loan over 300 €
  • Duration 30 days
  • Interest rate eff. pa = 7.95% at the cheapest provider Viloan

brings as result only once 1.89 euro as interest burden! Who dubs such an amount as high, should once again lead the meaning and purpose of a short-term credit to heart. But the simple comparison with an unregulated and often much more expensive credit line could be helpful here.

The mini loan: More expensive than a conventional installment loan?

The mini loan: More expensive than a conventional installment loan?

A question that can not be answered with a clear “yes” let alone a “no” . The reason for this lies in a simple rule in the credit system. It is entirely up to the banks to decide whether or not to link a loan with regard to its interest rate structure to the creditworthiness of a credit customer. This is called credit-dependent or even credit-independent interest rate . In simple terms, the more burdensome the creditworthiness of a customer is, the higher the interest rate on a loan can be. Which can often be synonymous with having to accept an interest rate of 8%, 9% and more for a “normal” installment loan. If, on the other hand, one deviates from a loan that does not use a credit rating-dependent interest rate, it can happen that even the smallest private credit characteristics lead to a rejection of the loan application. So the question after “What is more expensive?” Can only be answered individually.

One thing is certain: Due to the short maturity of a mini loan and a short-term loan, the interest factor is fortunately hardly significant.

Cost mini credit vs. Cost of Posting Credit: What’s Better?

Cost mini credit vs. Cost of Posting Credit: What

Again, this is not a question that can be answered flat with a “yes” or “no”. Again, the answer ultimately lies in the interest rate that is offered to you in the case of a credit line. At present, the reality is that it opens a range of 0 percent to well over 14 percent. This results in the following situation: If the interest rate for a credit line at the own bank below 7.95%, then the Dispo is clearly the better choice. On the other hand, if the discount rate is significantly higher than the 7.95% demanded by Viloan, then the Viloan mini loan is clearly the wiser choice. In this respect, the decision is always to look closely at the interest rate for the credit line.

Another point to keep in mind is the maximum loan amount. In the mini loan, the maximum loan amount is usually reached at 600 €. In contrast, the credit line is often 2-3 times the monthly incoming salary. So when it comes to bridging a major financial bottleneck (more than € 600), the credit line has the advantage. However, it must be clearly stated that a cheap online loan would be the better alternative compared to the credit line here.

What role does private credit play in mini-credit as well as in terms of credit?

Last but not least, the topic of private credit should also be addressed. It can be said without a doubt that with a burdened private credit the credit line is a utopia. Consequently, the slightest flaw in your own credit rating means that you do not receive a credit line. Even if, then with an interest rate well over 10%. Where the mini loan the private credit plays a minor role in most mini loan providers. Consequently, in most cases, a short-term loan is also awarded to a private credit with a light to medium burden. From the point of view, therefore, a clear “pro” for the mini loan and short-term loan

When is a mini loan / short term loan in question?

When is a mini loan / short term loan in question?

A mini-loan is basically always in question if the following points are given:

  • Alternative financial reserves are not available
  • your own credit line has an interest rate higher 8 percent per annum
  • There is no need to borrow more than 600 €
  • Credit is not available
  • the own private credit has slight negative characteristics

In addition, the mini loan is considered a credit alternative, if it is clear that the use of one’s own disbursement credit is not always associated with a regular repayment. The mini loan does not offer the possibility of postponing the eradication. In this respect, a loose repayment mentality can NOT lead to a continuous debt build-up in this type of loan. However, it also follows that a mini loan should only be taken if it is certain that it will be repayable on the due date as well as interest.

So fast and easy it goes to the mini-loan and short-term loan

So fast and easy it goes to the mini-loan and short-term loan

The requirement of a mini-credit / short-term loan is a simple, in a few steps feasible process. How easy it is to receive a mini loan is shown in our infographic

E signature loans -Get Signature Loans No Credit Checks Here

If you need to borrow SEK 12,000, this may feel like something that should not be particularly difficult, as it is not the largest loan amounts that you can apply for to borrow. Although the amount you borrow can seem relatively small, there are, however, a lot of things to consider, even when you only “borrow” SEK 12,000, so that the whole thing will be as good as possible. In this guide, you will find out everything you need to know about this, so that your loan will be as good as possible, and that the whole experience of the loan will also be.

Get Signature Loans No Credit Checks Here

All you need at Bridge Payday is a signature to apply. With an electronic signature, the money can be paid out immediately, and you can have the money in the account the same day. How quickly after payment you have the money depends of course on when your application is granted and how the money is paid out. If the lender pays out the money through the bank you use, you can have them immediately regardless of whether it is weekend or every day. If the paying bank is not the same as your bank, the money must be transferred between banks and this is done only during weekdays. This means that you can then have the money in your account the next business day.

If you are in a hurry and need to have the money quickly, it can be a good idea to see which bank the lender makes use of, and choose a loan that is paid out through your bank, to be sure to get the money as fast as possible.

If you need to borrow SEK 12,000, the net is your opportunity, and there are lots of loans on the amount to choose from.

keep in mind that

Compare loans properly

You have many loans to choose from when you want to borrow an amount of this size. This means that there is money to save on choosing the loan you take with care, as the prices of the many loans you can choose from also vary a lot. The smart consumer, therefore, looks to always do this, and the more loans you can compare, the better it is of course.

For those who do not want to spend too much time on these comparisons, there are also smart tools to make use of, so-called loan comparison services, which compare the loans for you, automatically. These services list massively with variously suitable loans, usually in price order, which makes it easy to see which loan is the cheapest at that time, and then you can, of course, go in and read more about the particular loans that interest you.

The better you are at comparing, the more you can save, so this is really a habit that is worth taking, regardless of whether you should borrow 12000 SEK or any other amount!

Don’t borrow more than you need

Since it is so easy now to borrow SEK 12,000 and also other amounts, it can be tempting to borrow a little more than what you actually need, just because it is so easy to do so. However, this is not a good idea, because no sums you borrow are free, but rather quite expensive. The more you borrow, the more you also pay the loan, so always keep the loan amount as small as it just goes, and borrow only for necessary expenses and things.

Make sure you can repay the loan you are going to take

This is related to not borrowing too much, but otherwise, you should make sure that you can really afford a loan because all loans you take are a burden on your personal finances. Many lenders offer loan calculations and the like, which one can use to find out what a loan will cost one, to use these to ensure that you can afford the loans you take is a good idea. Of course, you can also try to count on this on your own, but then make sure that you do the calculations correctly so that you do not encounter negative surprises afterward, once you have taken the loan.

Read the terms of the loan

One can think that it is self-evident that people would read the terms for loan agreements and other agreements they include, but unfortunately, this is not the case. When writing under a loan application, however, one fails to do this, which of course means that it is important to actually do it as well. In the loan terms, you also often find very good information about the loan, which it is important to know, so even for your own part, in order for you to understand the loan you take better, this is a good idea.

Payback the loan on time

Many loans have a tendency to become real, really expensive if you do not pay them back in time, as the lender wants back the money. In that case, it is common for the lender to spend a lot of delay fees, reminder fees, late interest rates and other things that can cause the loan debt to grow very quickly, which is, of course, a shame.

If one does not repay the debt at all, it may also be that the loan is passed on to debt collection, and possibly also to the Royal Court, which means even more costs, and in the worst case even a lot of other problems, such as payment complaints. This is why one should really beware of! Also, read our comparison for those who want to borrow SEK 14000.

Anyone who does not repay their loan may also find it difficult to get a loan from the same lender again, which may not seem as serious as the two above-mentioned consequences of not repaying their loan, but it can actually be that when one Some banks share a loan register with each other, so getting a “blacklisted” with a lender can actually mean that you are blacklisted by several of them, although you may not think about it right away.

Borrow 12000

If you need to borrow money, but do not want to take as large a loan as the ordinary banks offer, what do you do then? You may know that there are different types of loans that are intended for different situations. If you want to buy a home and need to borrow a lot of money, there are special mortgages that have a longer repayment period and lower interest rates in order for them to be manageable. If you only need a small loan, perhaps to be able to treat yourself to something, or to pay debts, a consumer loan is a more suitable option. A consumer loan, or private loan that they are also called, is simply an unsecured loan.

You do not need to borrow anything, or leave any other form of security, to get the loan. This means that the lender takes a slightly greater risk, which often gives a slightly higher interest rate on these loans. But, it also means that the loans are quick to get.

An example

If, for example, you want to borrow SEK 12,000, you cannot go to your regular bank and ask for a loan. The traditional banks usually give private loans from SEK 15,000 and up. If you only need SEK 12,000, it may feel unnecessary to withdraw a larger debt, and therefore it is better to apply for a loan from other lenders. Here, online, there are a large number of loans, of different types and sizes. Here it is good to borrow SEK 12,000, and even smaller sums if you want.

The loans that are most used today are the so-called microloans, which the name says about, are on smaller amounts. Microloans are available from just SEK 500 up to about SEK 15,000, which is the banks’ lowest lending level. Microloans thus fill a need that the ordinary banks do not meet. This is probably the biggest contributing factor to these loans becoming so popular.

Searching for loans

Whether you want a large or small loan, it is important to consider just applying for a loan if you know you can pay back without any problems. Missing an installment or not being able to repay a loan can cause major problems in the future. It is also important to ensure that you get a loan with good terms and low-interest rates. If you are looking for your loan here on the internet, you have great opportunities to find the loan that is most advantageous for you and your needs. Here are all loans and all lenders gathered in one place, and you can easily compare different loans.

Compare interest rates to find the cheapest loan, but don’t forget to also see if there are other costs that can make the loan expensive. The effective interest rate tells you how cheap, or expensive, a loan really is. In the effective interest rate, all the costs that the loan brings, such as lay-up fee, newspaper fees and the like, are counted.

Tools to see what the loan costs

Another benefit of searching loans here online is that almost all lenders have a tool, or table, on their website. Where you can see exactly how much the loan will cost you every month. Often you have controls that you set to the desired amount and the desired loan period. Then you get the monthly cost that the current loan gives, and the amount you see then is the amount you have to pay each month until the loan is paid. You can, in most cases, decide for yourself how quickly you want to repay the money. If you borrow SEK 12,000, you can usually choose repayment times of up to two years.

It may be tempting to choose a long installment time, as you do not have to pay so much every month. But, keep in mind that the longer the repayment period you choose, the higher the total cost of the loan. Therefore, it is best to try to pay as quickly as possible, but not faster than you can handle the payments. You simply get the opportunity to customize the loan according to your own needs and conditions as you can choose both the amount and the repayment period.

An answer right on the screen

If you need the money quickly, a quick loan is the best solution. You can find the quick loans here online. You search the loan quickly and easily when it suits you. you do not need to think about things like banking times, queues or the like. Here you make your application when you have a few minutes left for the application takes no longer than this to implement.

When you have compared loans and found one that suits you, you just specify how much you want to borrow (in this case, therefore, SEK 12,000). You also specify how long the repayment time you want. Then fill in the personal information that is requested and send your application away with one click. Usually, you get an answer directly on the screen. The money is usually paid out as soon as the loan agreement is signed, and nowadays many lenders are offering electronic signing. This means that you can sign the agreement with a bank ID or similar and do not have to wait for the paper to be printed on and returned by mail.

Craftsman loan for the self-employed

What is an Einabank loan?

What is an artisan loan?

The craftsman loan is a loan especially for independent craftsmen with special conditions. An Einabank loan is used to pre-finance work for craftsmen. If a potential contract exceeds the financial scope or leaves no room for further expenditures, then this loan is the ideal form for an order pre-financing for the craftsman.

We are happy to help you, even if the house bank refuses a craft loan!

Loans for craftsmen

Loans for craftsmen

Loans for tradespeople are difficult or impossible to obtain, in contrast to loans for employees and civil servants. This is especially true in difficult economic times, because here the craftsmen ranked in the back of the lending. It is all the more important at this time to have a competent lending service provider who, through his contacts with credit institutions and experience in providing credit for craftsmen, obtains a loan.

Requirements for a loan for craftsmen

Requirements for a loan for craftsmen

  • No negative Schufa entries
  • Be independent for at least two years
  • Profit determination of the past years
  • Current business evaluation
  • The Einabank loan – the right search for it saves costs and trouble

The fast credit for the craft – the Einabank loan

The fast credit for the craft - the artisan loan

The fast supply of funds as well as sufficient liquidity allow the craft enterprises decisive competitive advantages. Thus, successful loan brokerage is one of the most sensitive areas of corporate governance.

The craft loan is particularly suitable for loan extensions, working capital loans and investment financing, but it is not suitable for crisis cases and renovations of a craft business. An Einabank instant loan ensures that the craftsman can implement his projects quickly and easily.

The Einabank loan – the right search for it saves costs and trouble

The artisan loan - the right search for it saves costs and trouble

There are a number of factors involved in lending to a tradesman, and it is not enough to look for tenders at low interest rates. For the craftsman, finding a lender who is willing to finance the desires and necessary purchases of the craftsman is a real challenge without finding any collateral.

In the house bank, the craftsmen get such an instant loan usually not, but such instant loans can be searched on the Internet and taken to fair conditions used. Thus, a craftsman for purchases and projects can use a loan and thus to facilitate its financing.

The best instant loan offers in Germany! Request now!

Pericredit offers are on the rise – at least according to the results of a survey by the Geart Institute. Who decides today for an online loan or even for a classic installment loan of the house bank, this takes not infrequently several days credit processing time in purchasing. Especially these two types of borrowing are not uncommon today associated with a lot of “running” to the bank and / or the local post office. Then documents must be submitted / sent in or brought to the store. The legal mandatory legitimation (post-ident) will be gone through and so on and so forth. To make it short: The regular processing time of loans – whether online credit or branch credit – still takes between 4-10 working days. Only then will the desired loan be paid out.

Instant Credit Offers: The demand from consumers is increasing

Instant Credit Offers: The demand from consumers is increasing

A fact that, according to the Geart survey, more than 50% of people are no longer willing to accept. It is interesting that also around 70% of all respondents want a real fast instant loan. This means that between application for such a fast, instant loan and its payment should not be more than 24 hours (weekdays mind you) should pass. A result that has prompted some financial and credit service providers to expand their own loan portfolios to include precisely those instant loan offers.

Real instant loan offers are still quite rare

Real instant loan offers are still quite rare

And exactly in this is however also a kind of Crux, because real Pericredit offers are still rare and also mostly in the classical credit comparison portals not recognizable as such. A circumstance that we would like to counteract. And to the effect that we look around in the current credit market and want to present here the currently most attractive instant loan offers. We have made sure that the following credits are really GUARANTEED within 24 hours on working days, processed and also paid out. The following instant credit recommendations are thus solely and in this aspect as a tip and recommendation for an instant loan to understand.

Credit loan without paycheck: how to get it


Loans without paychecks are forms of financing granted to those who do not have a loan coverage guarantee. The recipients are usually students, housewives and unemployed, but also the self-employed who do not receive the paycheck. With Unicredit it is possible to obtain these types of loans. With the passing of the years and the transformations that have been increasingly registered in the world of work, in fact, workers who do not receive a paycheck have increased. Let’s see together how to get a loan in such conditions.


UniCredit building 1000x630

loans without paychecks: the features

Unicredit loans without paychecks: the features

It is natural that every bank or finance company, before issuing the credit, makes a check on the repayment capacity of the applicant. Those wishing to obtain funding must have well-defined characteristics: they must be between the ages of 18 and 70; he must reside in Italy; it must not be protested or bad payer; must have an income. The customer, in fact, presents himself in the bank with an identity card, the tax code and a document certifying the presence of income . And here the thought goes immediately to the paycheck , that is to the document that is left to the employees every time in which the salary is paid them.

No fear, however, for self-employed people who do not own this certificate. With Unicredit you can get a loan without a paycheck. The income tax declaration must be presented to demonstrate to the bank that it is able to repay the loan obtained. Retirees, on the other hand, must present themselves with the slip. Even the unemployed, housewives, temporary workers and students who do not have the opportunity to present income documents are not excluded. In this case, in fact, Unicredit requests the guarantee of a third party who can assume the obligation to repay the loan in case of insolvency on the part of the principal debtor.

Who does not have the opportunity to present a paycheck or any other income document, can use a guarantor to obtain a Unicredit loan.

loan without pay check and with guarantor

The guarantor is the person who undertakes the obligation to pay the loan installments if the applicant is unable to do so. It must be a reliable person who is not a bad payer. In fact, under the bank’s lens, there will be all the credit history of the guarantor, who must also have an income sufficient to meet the commitment to pay installments.

Unicredit will verify that the cost of the installment, added to any other financing, does not exceed 30 percent of the income of the person acting as guarantor. Otherwise, in fact, there could be difficulties in tackling this new monthly expense. The guarantor signs a surety agreement with the bank.

In many cases it is the parent or spouse of the applicant but it is not expected that there is necessarily a relationship of kinship between the two subjects.

How to apply for various loans

How to apply for various loans

Getting a loan without a paycheck with Unicredit is certainly easier if you come with a guarantor who commits to repay the installments of our loan if we were not able to do so. Following is a wide range of solutions.

  • CreditExpress Dynamic is a loan that allows you to request and obtain amounts between 2,000 and 30,000 to be repaid in 36-84 months. This is a flexible solution that gives you the opportunity to activate the Installment Jump, Change Installment and Loan Charge options. The maximum Taeg is 12.39%.
  • CreditExpress Easy is a small loan from Unicredit for those with a current account for at least six months and an active internet banking service. With this loan it is possible to obtain amounts between 1,000 and 5,000 euros mediated by the official App Mobile Banking app available for Android and iPhone smartphones. The repayment plan can last between 12 and 36 months and the interest rate is fixed at 6.90%.
  • Instead, CreditExpress Compact represents the solution to consolidate debts. If one has more funding, it can be extinguished through this new loan that allows for additional liquidity and to repay all commitments on a single date. The amounts can range from a minimum of 2,000 up to a maximum of 50,000 euros. The rate is fixed for the entire repayment plan: the single Tan is 10.20%, while the maximum Taeg is 12.39%.
  • CreditExpress Master is a form of financing suitable for students who wish to attend a Master’s degree at the end of the University. Applicants can obtain sums between 2,000 euros and 15,000 euros. The repayment duration is between 18 and 96 months. The rate remains fixed for the entire duration of the amortization schedule, with Tan at 10.40% and the maximum Taeg at 12.98%.
  • Pawn credit is the initiative promoted by Unicredit that allows you to obtain money by collecting a valuable asset. The goods that are pledged are kept. If the credit applicant can not settle the debt, then the assets will be auctioned.
  • UniCredit Ad Honorem is a loan for university students. The maximum amount to be requested is € 27,700. The duration is equivalent to the period of the course of study. Once the studies are completed, it will be possible to repay the loan obtained in a minimum of 12 months and a maximum of 180 months. You do not need to present any income document to get Unicredit Ad Honorem . The important thing is to have a personal documentation and a loan application letter. The loan can be requested only by those who attend certain universities with which Unicredit has an agreement.

The simulation of a loan

Imagine now that you have obtained a 4,000 euro Dynamic loan, even if you do not have a paycheck. Let’s see what are the repayment methods:

  • 36 months with installments of € 129.44 (TAN 10.20%, TAEG 11.92%, the total amount owed by the customer amounts to € 4,723.67);
  • 64 months with installments of € 81.29 (TAN 10.20%, TAEG 11.51%, the total amount owed by the customer amounts to € 5,274.22);
  • 84 months with installments of 66.82 euros (TAN 10.20%, TAEG 11.36%, the total amount owed by the customer amounts to 5,687.15 euros) A CreditExpress Easy loan of 3,018.39 euros can instead be reimbursed with 24 monthly installments of 135 euros, with TAN 6.90% and TAEG 8.23% (the total amount owed by the customer amounts to 3,271.40 euros).

A € 15,000 loan can be repaid in 84 months with the payment of monthly installments of € 253.08; with the TAN fixed at 10.20% and the APR at 11.13%, the total amount owed by the customer amounts to € 21,292.99).