Craftsman loan for the self-employed

What is an Einabank loan?

What is an artisan loan?

The craftsman loan is a loan especially for independent craftsmen with special conditions. An Einabank loan is used to pre-finance work for craftsmen. If a potential contract exceeds the financial scope or leaves no room for further expenditures, then this loan is the ideal form for an order pre-financing for the craftsman.

We are happy to help you, even if the house bank refuses a craft loan!

Loans for craftsmen

Loans for craftsmen

Loans for tradespeople are difficult or impossible to obtain, in contrast to loans for employees and civil servants. This is especially true in difficult economic times, because here the craftsmen ranked in the back of the lending. It is all the more important at this time to have a competent lending service provider who, through his contacts with credit institutions and experience in providing credit for craftsmen, obtains a loan.

Requirements for a loan for craftsmen

Requirements for a loan for craftsmen

  • No negative Schufa entries
  • Be independent for at least two years
  • Profit determination of the past years
  • Current business evaluation
  • The Einabank loan – the right search for it saves costs and trouble

The fast credit for the craft – the Einabank loan

The fast credit for the craft - the artisan loan

The fast supply of funds as well as sufficient liquidity allow the craft enterprises decisive competitive advantages. Thus, successful loan brokerage is one of the most sensitive areas of corporate governance.

The craft loan is particularly suitable for loan extensions, working capital loans and investment financing, but it is not suitable for crisis cases and renovations of a craft business. An Einabank instant loan ensures that the craftsman can implement his projects quickly and easily.

The Einabank loan – the right search for it saves costs and trouble

The artisan loan - the right search for it saves costs and trouble

There are a number of factors involved in lending to a tradesman, and it is not enough to look for tenders at low interest rates. For the craftsman, finding a lender who is willing to finance the desires and necessary purchases of the craftsman is a real challenge without finding any collateral.

In the house bank, the craftsmen get such an instant loan usually not, but such instant loans can be searched on the Internet and taken to fair conditions used. Thus, a craftsman for purchases and projects can use a loan and thus to facilitate its financing.

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