Credit loan without paycheck: how to get it


Loans without paychecks are forms of financing granted to those who do not have a loan coverage guarantee. The recipients are usually students, housewives and unemployed, but also the self-employed who do not receive the paycheck. With Unicredit it is possible to obtain these types of loans. With the passing of the years and the transformations that have been increasingly registered in the world of work, in fact, workers who do not receive a paycheck have increased. Let’s see together how to get a loan in such conditions.


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loans without paychecks: the features

Unicredit loans without paychecks: the features

It is natural that every bank or finance company, before issuing the credit, makes a check on the repayment capacity of the applicant. Those wishing to obtain funding must have well-defined characteristics: they must be between the ages of 18 and 70; he must reside in Italy; it must not be protested or bad payer; must have an income. The customer, in fact, presents himself in the bank with an identity card, the tax code and a document certifying the presence of income . And here the thought goes immediately to the paycheck , that is to the document that is left to the employees every time in which the salary is paid them.

No fear, however, for self-employed people who do not own this certificate. With Unicredit you can get a loan without a paycheck. The income tax declaration must be presented to demonstrate to the bank that it is able to repay the loan obtained. Retirees, on the other hand, must present themselves with the slip. Even the unemployed, housewives, temporary workers and students who do not have the opportunity to present income documents are not excluded. In this case, in fact, Unicredit requests the guarantee of a third party who can assume the obligation to repay the loan in case of insolvency on the part of the principal debtor.

Who does not have the opportunity to present a paycheck or any other income document, can use a guarantor to obtain a Unicredit loan.

loan without pay check and with guarantor

The guarantor is the person who undertakes the obligation to pay the loan installments if the applicant is unable to do so. It must be a reliable person who is not a bad payer. In fact, under the bank’s lens, there will be all the credit history of the guarantor, who must also have an income sufficient to meet the commitment to pay installments.

Unicredit will verify that the cost of the installment, added to any other financing, does not exceed 30 percent of the income of the person acting as guarantor. Otherwise, in fact, there could be difficulties in tackling this new monthly expense. The guarantor signs a surety agreement with the bank.

In many cases it is the parent or spouse of the applicant but it is not expected that there is necessarily a relationship of kinship between the two subjects.

How to apply for various loans

How to apply for various loans

Getting a loan without a paycheck with Unicredit is certainly easier if you come with a guarantor who commits to repay the installments of our loan if we were not able to do so. Following is a wide range of solutions.

  • CreditExpress Dynamic is a loan that allows you to request and obtain amounts between 2,000 and 30,000 to be repaid in 36-84 months. This is a flexible solution that gives you the opportunity to activate the Installment Jump, Change Installment and Loan Charge options. The maximum Taeg is 12.39%.
  • CreditExpress Easy is a small loan from Unicredit for those with a current account for at least six months and an active internet banking service. With this loan it is possible to obtain amounts between 1,000 and 5,000 euros mediated by the official App Mobile Banking app available for Android and iPhone smartphones. The repayment plan can last between 12 and 36 months and the interest rate is fixed at 6.90%.
  • Instead, CreditExpress Compact represents the solution to consolidate debts. If one has more funding, it can be extinguished through this new loan that allows for additional liquidity and to repay all commitments on a single date. The amounts can range from a minimum of 2,000 up to a maximum of 50,000 euros. The rate is fixed for the entire repayment plan: the single Tan is 10.20%, while the maximum Taeg is 12.39%.
  • CreditExpress Master is a form of financing suitable for students who wish to attend a Master’s degree at the end of the University. Applicants can obtain sums between 2,000 euros and 15,000 euros. The repayment duration is between 18 and 96 months. The rate remains fixed for the entire duration of the amortization schedule, with Tan at 10.40% and the maximum Taeg at 12.98%.
  • Pawn credit is the initiative promoted by Unicredit that allows you to obtain money by collecting a valuable asset. The goods that are pledged are kept. If the credit applicant can not settle the debt, then the assets will be auctioned.
  • UniCredit Ad Honorem is a loan for university students. The maximum amount to be requested is € 27,700. The duration is equivalent to the period of the course of study. Once the studies are completed, it will be possible to repay the loan obtained in a minimum of 12 months and a maximum of 180 months. You do not need to present any income document to get Unicredit Ad Honorem . The important thing is to have a personal documentation and a loan application letter. The loan can be requested only by those who attend certain universities with which Unicredit has an agreement.

The simulation of a loan

Imagine now that you have obtained a 4,000 euro Dynamic loan, even if you do not have a paycheck. Let’s see what are the repayment methods:

  • 36 months with installments of € 129.44 (TAN 10.20%, TAEG 11.92%, the total amount owed by the customer amounts to € 4,723.67);
  • 64 months with installments of € 81.29 (TAN 10.20%, TAEG 11.51%, the total amount owed by the customer amounts to € 5,274.22);
  • 84 months with installments of 66.82 euros (TAN 10.20%, TAEG 11.36%, the total amount owed by the customer amounts to 5,687.15 euros) A CreditExpress Easy loan of 3,018.39 euros can instead be reimbursed with 24 monthly installments of 135 euros, with TAN 6.90% and TAEG 8.23% (the total amount owed by the customer amounts to 3,271.40 euros).

A € 15,000 loan can be repaid in 84 months with the payment of monthly installments of € 253.08; with the TAN fixed at 10.20% and the APR at 11.13%, the total amount owed by the customer amounts to € 21,292.99).

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